Recent projects include:

  • Contributor to new online food magazine, Comida's, an English and Spanish language venture based in Madrid.
  • Founding storyteller for Maptia, a start up website, designed to help you record and share your travel stories and experiences from around the world.
  • Video editor for artistLiliane Lijn's fifth incarnatiion of the Power Game series, Power Game Zabludowicz, filmed at the Zabludowicz Gallery in North London. Power Game Glasgow (2011) the fourth in this series, is being shown as part of Liliane Lijn's work at ART 14in London from 28 February to 2 March 2014.
  • Content Coordinator for WordPress website build for actor Demetri Goritsas.
  • A travel blog featuring daily updates from my six week trip to Argentina, with all content written, photographed, filmed and uploaded from my iPhone 5.
  • Digital Project Manager and Content Coordinator for The Wild Fig Hostel, a brand new hostel on the accommodation scene in Zadar, Croatia.
  • Video editor for a short film was shown as part of Aurelia Carbone's solo exhibition "instant perspective machine" at Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Project Space, in November and December 2012

You can find further information about my work history and projects on my LinkedIn profile.

What I Have Done

I have a passion for telling stories, using video, images and words to connect with audiences and users. I have experience of creating high quality and compelling content across a variety of platforms, in different sectors, and thrive in creative and challenging environments.

With over 10 years experience, my career started in television, working on national and international live news television channels as a director and technical director.

I love being creative with video, photography and words to communicate and connect with audiences.

My experience and skills include:

  • video making, filming on DSLR and handheld digital cameras, video editing using Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro and online animation tool Powtoon, delivering videos in different formats for the web
  • copywriting and sub-editing written content, knowledge of SEO, meta data and uploading and maintaining web content and assets
  • taking briefs, working with clients and internal stakeholders to produce content, project planning for website and content builds, working with developers, designers and marketeers
  • writing and releasing content on Twitter and Facebook, responding to and interacting with users through social media channels
  • using UX tool Balsamiq to create wireframes and prototypes for digital content

What I Want To Do

Create unique and immersive storytelling experiences, using different elements of video and design to draw the audience in.

I'm interested in utilising interactive elements, such as augmented reality and gestural interfaces, to engage the audience, making them an essential part of the story.